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Sports Car Rental Los Angeles

The sports car rental market in Los Angeles is composed of those who seek high performance in their vehicles during their travels or work. A sports car is generally a small, two-seater, two-door automobile designed for spirited performance and agile handling. But there is a broad range of sports cars for rental in Los Angeles. Many are larger and can have 4 doors and 4 seats and plenty of luggage space (We carry these as well such as the Aston Martin DBS). The makes and models run the gamut of lower end sport cars such as Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro to higher end exotic sports cars such as the Lamborghini Gallardo or Huracan, Ferrari 458 or California, Aston Martin Vantage or DB9/DBS, or any McLaren. People both young and old enjoy a sports car since the sheer thrill of driving one is so exciting. Many feel a sports car is all about speed but that is simply not the case. Many sports cars go over 150 mph or even over 200 m ph. But there is no reason or even legally why anyone needs to go that fast in the city streets or freeways. The thrill comes from the sheer power sports cars possess and right of the driver to use its power if and when necessary. So its this contradiction that makes driving a sports car such an enjoyment. To know you can go fast and know you have so much power is a priceless gift and feeling. Its not unlike having a legal gun in your home for protection. To know you can protect yourself and your family in the event of violent intruders should be a great and secure feeling as you can imagine. Sports car

The exotic car would be the highest end of the range of all sports cars. But the differences is vast between exotic cars and low-mid level sports cars. If you come into our office, we can talk more in detail but for this article sake, a regular sports car such as a Ford Mustang or Chevrolet Camaro are very limited when compared to say a Lamborghini Gallardo. First, the Lamborghini Gallardo look is hands down so much better than a Ford Mustang or Chevy Camaro. Second, the Lamborghini Gallardo has a powerful engine in the middle right behind the driver. This is in line with all super cars as per racing heritage. You can only have the control and feel of a true sports car if the engine is in the middle and not in the front as the Mustang or Camaro. Third, the Mustang engine has 310 horsepower with a V6 engine and the Camaro has 335 horsepower with a V6 engine as compared to a Lamborghini Gallardo with 550 horsepower 10 cylinders V10 naturally aspirated engine !! Its world’s apart in sound, power, handling, and performance. Fourth, its a Lamborghini !! no need to say more.

Sports car Something most people don’t know is just how precise and agile exotic sports truly are and how much a benefit this is to driving. While some argue sports cars are not safe, in actuality exotic sports car can make you a more careful and better driver ! As you are more mindful of your surroundings when you are driving an exotic rental car. And many exotic cars respond to your steering and speed very closely to what you seek and therefore can be very defendable against a bad driver who makes a dangerous maneuver. Thereby making it more safe to drive than a regular car sometimes in this respect. Along this line, many say exotic sports cars are difficult to drive. This may have been so in the past but current exotic sports cars have many of the same virtues in performance and safety as luxury rental cars. For example, most exotic rental cars have convenience and refinements such as an on-board navigation system, back up camera, comfortable/adjustable premium leather seating, duel airbags, heated seats, premium stereo systems, bluetooth and more. And exotic rental cars all have automatic transmission instead of manual. There are paddle gear shifters on the side of the steering wheel if you wish to utilize them for more control and fun similar to a manual but quicker. But that is optional (if you don’t know how to use, we can take you for a test drive and teach you). All in all, exotic cars can be a daily driver just like driving a regular or luxury car. The only difference is lurking beneath this, you can sense the powerful potential of what it can do if need be. That is the fun of driving this car. To know you have that power within. You don’t need to be an F1 professional driver to drive exotic sports cars ! To rent from us, just need be a licensed driver, have good driving skills, and have a good driving record.


Here at Exotic Rental Car of Los Angeles, we feel we have the very best selection of exotic sports cars for rent in Los Angeles and Orange County. Although the price is some more than a low or mid-end sports car, it is still a great value ! And the positive experience will make up for knowing you are driving a true sports car and not some watered down version of it. Also we know times may be tough so we make our pricing economical and cost effective for everyone to be able to enjoy our exotic sports cars. For instance, we have the awesome Lamborghini Gallardo, either Spyder (convertible) or coupe, for only $699 per day including free gas which is a economical value for the type of car it is. Feel free to call and ask any questions regarding our exotic sports cars or any other auto related questions and we will try our best to assist you.