Gallardo spyder

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder Rental

The Gallardo, in convertible form otherwise known as the Spyder, is one of the most desired rental exotic car of all. Having all the elements of the Gallardo but with the fully retractable top so you can experience the California sun and air and nice weather with the top down is one of the greatest experience of all. Without the top, the Gallardo becomes a even more desired monster of a super car !! With the top down, the triangular and trapezoidal forms with diagonal elements in body and color make this car twist to something extremely unique and special. Perhaps the best version of the Gallardo ever and we have them in Orange, White, Red, and Black ! Take a closer look and decide which one is to your particular liking. For us, any color is fine as long as its a Gallardo Spyder !!Gallardo spyder


The Gallardo Spyder, with a MSRP of $209500, has 550 horsepower and like the coupe version, is naturally aspirated with a V engine with 10 cylinders. It has improved weight distribution and transmission and performance retuned and improved. It is rear wheel drive which makes it much more fun to drive than an all wheel drive car. The reason being when the back wheels control the power and thrust of the car, the front has a level of independence that makes the drive more natural and fun. Its difficult to explain and better to experience for oneself. In fact, most of the best super cars in the world are rear wheel drive.Gallardo spyder


We have the Gallardo Spyder in Orange, Black, White, and Red for rental on a daily or weekly basis. Our daily rental fee is only $699 per day. Please call us for special discounts if you wish to rent weekly. We are the most economical exotic rental car company in Los Angeles and Orange County with unbeatable service. In fact, we will match or beat all substantiated pricing. Please contact us today to make an easy reservation. If any questions, please call and our highly experienced staff will assist you.