Ferrari Rental of Los Angeles

There are other companies and choices that offer Ferraris for rent in Southern California. However. Exotic Rental Car of Los Angeles is the premier rental agency for Ferraris. Let us tell you why. First, we like to think we have the best selection of Ferraris that can appeal from celebrities to someone who is just starting out with a little bit spare money to spend to enjoy an awesome experience. The secret is our pricing is very affordable for almost everyone. These days even a regular car can get up there in price but we are talking about a Ferrari. And not only just any Ferrari, but one of the best in its stable: A red F430 Spider Convertible !!


Second, our staff truly knows cars and provide topline service !! We provide not only the best service and experience, but we will tell you everything you want to know about Ferraris. You will find our service to be second to none. We want you to have a memorable and wonderful time behind the wheel of a true exotic car – a Ferrari F430 Spider Convertible. We will take you step by step through the rental process and hand over the keys when complete. You can leave your personal car in our safe and secured large parking lot. The car will be covered and you will have peace of mind. Keep it here as long as you are out with a rental. There is no fee to house your car here and we can even wash your car complimentary before you leave if you prefer..


Although there are other Ferrari choices such as the Ferrari 458 and California. These are overpriced for rental and we feel the F430 is far superior to the California due to the engine layout primarily and other things such as handling and even the look. The 458 however has evolved from the F430 and may offer some enticements but for the very high price, the differences are negligible. We highly advise renting a F430 over a 458 in relation to price difference. The 458 is not worth it, enjoy the F430 instead ! You and your pocketbook will thank you.


In summary, you will soon see why the red Ferrari F430 Spider Convertible is all you need in an exotic car rental. It is a perfect mix of looks and performance. Women will notice you and men will be envious. But most importantly, you will have the real pleasure of experiencing what a true F1 racing vehicle may feel like on the streets. You will walk away a new person. It may even prompt you to consider to someday save enough to buy one yourself. We make the price very economical so everyman, not just the rich, can now have access to this exotic vehicle. For just a little more than a luxury car rental, it is worth your while to try renting this amazing car. It will inspire you. We have the Ferrari F430 Spider through our January 2016 Only Internet Special for only $599 per day ! It is easily the lowest and economically priced in all of Southern California.