Ferrari F430 Spider Convertible

Well known by car historians and enthusiasts as the gold standard in supercars and high performance vehicles, the Ferrari F430 Spider Convertible made its world premiere at the Geneva motor show. It was designed by Pininfarina with aerodynamic simulation programs used by Formula 1. From its specifications of length, width, height, weight to its middle location placement of engine, to its formula 1 inspired design, the F430 is often used as a measuring stick to how all past, present, and future super exotic cars are measured. When people think of supercars, the F430 is often one of the first vehicles to come to mind. When Ferrari F430 Spiderchildren look at posters and dream of owning a supercar one day, a Red Ferrari F430 comes to mind. Perhaps not everyone are aware of the model name of F430, but most recognize the car’s face and exterior. It is featured in many movies and television shows around the world. It can be argued to be the most popular exotic car ever.


But that is just the exterior, lets examine the true heritage and bloodline of this car. Many often think of the Ferrari F430 Spider Convertible as the ultimate “Playboy” car with such flash and presence. This vehicle sticks out so obviously among the sea of vehicles on the road everyday. But this is in fact a true and serious driver’s car where the F1 racing heritage and bloodline truly shines from this car. Its from decades of evolution that the F430 has become. Many say its like driving a pure F1 vehicle, but legally, on the local roads and freeways. From its superb handling, to sheer power, and excellent weight distribution, nothing is fake about this vehicle. If its like driving a stealth fighter with a Lamborghini Spyder Convertible, its like driving a real F1 race car with a Ferrari F430 Spider Convertible. For anyone who argue Lamborghini’s power is great but handling is not as strong, then they should consider the F430. And for those who think Porsche has the best handling should consider driving the F430. It can be argued of all supercars, the exotic car with the best overall performance grade could hands down be the Ferrari F430 Spider Convertible. It quite possibly is in a league of its own.


The F430 Spider Convertible is powered by a 4.3 Naturally Aspirated V8 gas engine. As discussed in previous articles, arguably naturally aspirated engines surpass any turbo or supercharged engines due to power derived from purity. The transmission is via a 6 speed automatic with optional paddle shifters for more driving fun, control, and gratification. There are multiple modes on the steering wheel such as Sport and Race for more variety depending on the environment. It has a rear wheel drive drivetrain system for more fun and less sticky drive that genuine exotic cars share. It has over 490 horsepower and the sound of this Ferrari engine is an experience in itself. Its loud but pure. Its not manipulated in any way. Many say the sound of a Ferrari engine is the best of all exotic cars. The cars MSRP start at and over $206,000.

Ferrari F430 Spider

Here at Exotic Rental Car of Los Angeles, we managed to have in our fleet the perfect Ferrari F430 for our customers and clients to enjoy. It is foremost the Spider Convertible version so drivers and passengers can enjoy the California sun and breeze with the top down while they travel from A to B and everything in between. The retractable top is available standard in this car for more privacy. Plus we have the best color of Ferrari Scuderia Red which is the most nicest red they manufacture. And the stock wheels are blacked out for the coolest look. Everything in this car is stock as we prefer to retain the purity of the car. And its in amazing overall condition. For those who wish to take their loved ones on an evening out, this is the car to rent. For those who wish to take their dates out for a awesome time, this is the car to impress. For those who wish to enjoy one supercar in their lifetime, the F430 Spider in red is the one. The Ferrari F430 Spider, from our January 2016 Only Internet Special, goes for only $599 per day ! It’s the most economically and lowest priced F430 Spider Convertible in all of Southern California.