Bentley Rental of Los Angeles

We have the perfect pair of mid engine 2 seat exotic supercars, the Ferrari F430 Spider Convertible and the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder Convertible, available for rent at Exotic Rental Car of Los Angeles. These are the best exotic high performance cars to choose from especially based on economical sense. But there is a third option for those who seek a more refined and sophisticated journey. One that has the power and presence of an exotic car but drives more comfortably and has grace. One that has interior refineries not seen in other exotic cars. One that seats 4 comfortably and not just a 2 seater sports car. One that has a nice size trunk for luggage space. One that you can take the entire family on a trip. One that you can take to corporate events or meetings with some class and distinction. But don’t ever forget, this is still an exotic car and a powerful one.


Although there are several other Bentley models out there, we like to think we got the cream of the crop. Not only in the specific model but also in color configuration. We got it in both black and white version. Also we have the highly coveted convertible version so you have the option to drive it top down or up. The premium leather interior is loaded with virtually all the features. Room for four and nice size trunk to put all your belongings. They are in amazing condition and you will be proud to drive. The Bentley Continental GTC Convertible has everything you need for an exotic luxury vehicle. All for only $599 per daily rental through our January 2016 Only Internet Special. This is significantly less than our nearest competitor and we beat all verifiable pricing. For only a few more dollars, why not rent a Bentley !!


Some consider the Bentley Continental GTC Convertible a luxury car and some consider it an exotic car. Which is it ? The correct answer is both ! Its the highest form of a luxury car due to all its amenities and distinction. Far surpassing any Mercedes or BMW or Audi and even Porsche. The only rival is the Rolls Royce. It’s also an exotic car because of its sheer power and attitude. Also it’s an exotic because it’s not a mass produced nor very prevalent out in the roads and highways. Bentley