About Us

F1 Exotic Rental Cars LLC

MISSION STATEMENT We are the foremost leader of affordable exotic car rentals in South Florida. We are conveniently located in Marco Island. Our business philosophy is for all customers to have access to these types of vehicles and to enjoy the thrill of driving an exotic supercar without breaking the bank. Our exotic vehicles are physically located at our location ready for rent. And we have plenty of free secure gated parking inside our large corner lot to park your own vehicle safe and sound while you are away enjoying your exotic car rental !

Our car rental procedure is painless. We require all renters to have a valid driver’s license and have comprehensive auto insurance that carries over to our vehicle (exception for international customers where we can arrange for insurance coverage). We can check this for you but we find most full coverage insurance from our customers does carry over so don’t worry 🙂 Plus a fully refundable deposit. And we may inquire about your driving record and a few other things. After that, the keys can be yours ! We specialize for those who wish to experience exotic cars for the first time, to those in need for business reasons, to those who wish to take out that special someone, to international travelers, to purists and car aficionados. We do daily, weekly, and monthly rentals at the lowest prices possible in Southern California. Our selection of vehicles range from Aston Martin Vantages to a Lamborghini Huracan and everything in between. Our selection is focused and we like to think we carry only the best selection of make, models, styles, and colors in all of SW FL and Collier County. Please take a look at our fleet for some awesome cars and affordable prices.

We back everything with the highest customer service. We want our customers to come in and talk to us about all things cars related as friends as we further share and experience the love of driving such exhilarating vehicles. And we value and acknowledge repeat business and referrals as validation of doing things right. You will see our friendly staff are true car lovers as we respect and understand our vehicles maybe a little too much. A car is not just a car is our maxim. Its not about going from A to B. As the saying goes, Its about how you get there !! We are fully licensed and all our vehicles are fully insured with commercial rental fleet insurance and although this may cost us more, we like to do things legitimately and want you to experience the best while being safe and secure.

So feel free to give us a call and schedule an appointment to rent one of our exotic vehicles. We promise to give you the best service and lowest pricing guaranteed. Also if you need special delivery requirements anywhere in Los Angeles County or Orange County, we have transporters on-site to do just that ! Please call for further details. This is not just a business but a real passion for us and we look forward in making your next exotic car rental a very pleasurable and memorable one.